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Academic Collaboration - Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University

In Jan 2019,

Asst. Prof. Atch Sreshthaputra, Ph.D. at the Faculty of Architecture Chulalongkorn University (Executive Committee at Thai Green Building Institute introduces and utilizes scSTREAM, structure-based solver Thermal Analysis software in class of Master of Architecture.

Dr. Atch and CCT has begun to prepare teaching materials over the course of a semester to introduce and train graduate students to be familiar with scSTREAM. 

This program aims to produce graduates who are able to develop their interests and studies through various coursework into a supervissed independent design/research exploration within one of the area of study
ranging from architectural design, architectural technology and innovation and architectural history to theory and criticism and architectural practice and management.
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About - Department of Architecture - Chulalongkorn University

The Department of Architecture’s greatest strength is experience and diversity of its faculty and staff. The breadth of the department’s collective knowledge is reflected in selection of degree programs on offer, including: History and Theory of Architecture; Architectural and Urban Conservation; Architectural and Environmental Technology; Building Technology and Construction; Architectural Management; Computer Aided Architectural Design; Thai Architecture; and Architecture. The bachelor’s degree curricula for Architecture and Thai Architecture have been endorsed by the Architect Council of Thailand.
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