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Software Cradle CEO and President presented at the MSC Indo-Pacific User Conference 2019

Masayuki Kuba, CEO and President of Software Cradle Co., Ltd., delivered a presentation at the MSC Indo-Pacific User Conference 2019 held between 27-28 August in Bengaluru - India, introducing the extensive potential of CFD applications in the current and approaching society.

As the leader of Software Cradle, an innovative provider of unique, innovation focused, and highly reliable CFD simulation tools, Masayuki outlined features of each product and how these can be used to achieve design and development in automotive, aerospace, electronics, and wide-ranging application area. With particular emphasis on scFLOW, which embraces the next generation CFD solver with first class user interface, the presentation demonstrated comparison with other vendor software to prove the product excellence from the aspect of great accuracy, processing speed, and usability.
The presentation also showed Software Cradle’s up-to-date VR/AR applications. CradleViewer, the company’s original viewer developed to visually examine simulation results, is compliant with Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE, and have been adapted to customer needs who require VR/AR arrangement on the site.
At the Conference where 1,000 attendees gathered, Software Cradle shared remarkable possibilities and strong future vision of CFD.

Software Cradle latest version products are to be released in coming November.

About Software Cradle

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Software Cradle, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, is an innovative provider of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software. Established in 1984, the company has pursued to offer unique, innovation focused, and highly reliable CFD solutions that enhance customers’ product quality and creativity. In 2016, the company joined MSC Software Corporation, the worldwide leader in the field of multidiscipline simulation. As a truly global company, Software Cradle delivers all-inclusive multi-physics solutions. Learn more at www.cradle-cfd.com. Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division provides solutions that utilise data from design and engineering, production and metrology to make manufacturing smarter. For more information, visit hexagonmi.com.

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