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The simulation result visualized in Postprocessor can be saved in a file and the file can be opened in a simple viewer. In the viewer, the viewpoint ant the distance can be changed with the mouse and by touch operation*1. CradleViewer is provided free of charge. You can share the simulation result even in an environment without Postprocessor installed. CradleViewer is also compatible with VR/MR devices*2 and iPad, allowing users to visually verify analysis results.

*1 Operation using two fingers is supported on a multitouch-compatible screen in a Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 environment.
*2 Compatible with Oculus Rift CV1 during VR mode.

How to use

Setup Simulation

CradleViewer Supports all Post-Processors from Software Cradle CFD Products including...

  1. scSTREAM ( V7 and Above.. )
  2. HeatDesigner  ( V7 and Above.. )
  3. SC/Tetra  ( V7 and Above.. )
  4. scFLOW  ( V13 and Above.. )

Begin preparing and setting up results in Post Processor.

Save Files as *.CradleViewer

 Once the simulation results has been setup to user's statisfaction. 


  • Proceed to File > Save Current Status... (or Click the Icon as seen in the image)

  • Select Save as type : CradleViewer files (*.CradleViewer)

Launch CradleViewer

Click Icon CradleViewer in Kicker ( as seen in the image)

Import File

To import CradleViewer File.

  • Drag and Drop *.CradleViewer File to the CradleViewer Window

CradleViewer Installation File

CradleViewer is a simple viewer to show object
and/or animation that you create with Cradle post. 

Window [64 bit]
CradleViewer_Bx64.rar [6.05 Mb]

*For support: support@cradle.co.th