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Welcome To Romax Nexus Electro-Mechanical Simulation Application

About Romax

Romax Nexus is an open-source electromechanical simulation application for technical electromechanical systems. Our mission is to transform the development of electromechanical systems with the use of Right - First - Time product development products. Romax Technology is a team of experts in rotating machinery, engineers and mechanical engineers from all over the world, who provide a wide range of highly qualified technical and technical expertise in the field of mechanical engineering.

Our mission is to transform the development of gear electromechanical systems by using Right - First - Time product development products. Romax Technology is a team of experts in rotating machinery, engineers and mechanical engineers from all over the world, who provide a wide range of highly qualified technical and technical expertise in the field of mechanical engineering. We are an open-source, cloud-enabled ecosystem for coordinating powertrain and transmission development cycles.

Romax Nexus is dedicated to developing the next generation of electromechanical drive systems, transmissions, and transmissions for the automotive industry. Romaxnexus is supported by a team of highly qualified technical engineers from all over the world.

Cloud-enabled Ecosystem of ROMAX

The entire system design is integrated from end to end, and Romax is one of the leading suppliers of high-performance, cost-effective electromechanical drive systems, and transmissions for the automotive industry. It is a cloud-enabled ecosystem that can coordinate and integrate the powertrain and transmission development cycles end-to-end.

Anyone who has ever sat in a train, driven a car, crossed a construction site, mixed a milkshake, or paid an electricity bill is most likely part of a chain of events that Romax and its service software have touched and shaped. Whether the machine you are monitoring is located at a single location or in multiple factories around the world, everything works together

Hexagon Enhances Smart Factory Solutions With Acquisition Of Romax Technology

The dashboard view of CMM's uptime and downtime allows operators and managers not only to efficiently plan work and respond immediately to operator errors but also to gain real-time insight into the performance of the system. Data analysis can also be used to understand and manage the long-term productivity of an asset and to calculate total equipment efficiency (OEE). By viewing the dashboard's uptime and downtime, operators can see how the machine is being used, whether it is remotely controlled from a mobile phone or PC.

The acquisition and analysis of measurement data are supported by the statistical analysis software Q - DAS, which can be used for the visualization and statistical monitoring of measurement data in real-time. At the same time, the high flexibility of the software allows the recording and visualization of data to be adapted to specific tasks. The ROMAX Nexus Electro-mechanical simulation application enables manufacturers to further increase productivity by taking into account the need to improve machine utilization, throughput, and uptime.

The Hexagon Inspect software enables the operator to set up one pallet and then prepare and commission the next with a separate CMM.

The right asset management tools also help to manage the availability of assets and the quality of the assets themselves. The asset management software provides machine availability, which allows the operator to save additional time by recognizing which CMM has spare capacity. This enables the quality department to move from asset management in the cost center to value creation by optimizing the profitability of the assets.

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The study showed that the selection of a field development strategy has two major advantages: GCI injection offers maximum oil yield in absolute volumes, while the WAG offers a more balanced technical and economic approach.

Although gravity is not present to ease the load, astronauts can use a robust aerobic training regime to minimize the stress of reduced gravity. Therefore, a prototype of a compact resistance training device has been developed, but its capabilities are limited. The new device will be tested on the NASA Space Launch System (SLS) and the International Space Station (ISS).

We have completed the first phase of testing an integrated instrument system to integrate a Spray-in-the-Pond (SIP) system into the SLS and ISS. We have also completed a prototype of the integrated system with a spray pond system, proving the feasibility of this system as a testbed for future space missions.

Field measurement programs will provide real-time data on the performance of the measurement system and its performance. The data that are obtained in - field must be general inapplicability for modeling design and performance purposes, but also site-specific. The proof-of-concept experiment provides data that illustrates the effectiveness of our instruments and systems and provides data in terms of performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, as well as the potential for future applications.

Electronic Machine Application of Romax Technologies

Romax Evolve combines our expertise to integrate the best of both worlds: high performance, low cost, high performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Romax Evolve has a multi-dimensional (MDF) motor model, where the user can import all the parts of an engine and all its components (motors, bearings, pistons, axles, springs, etc.) into a single data file. In addition, it is able to import complete electrical machine geometry, including active structural parts, into the native motor CAD file, which allows for a more streamlined workflow. RomaxEvolve includes a complete set of tools, such as a 3D printer, a power supply, an electric motor control system, and a control unit.

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