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Msc Apex Generative Design Makes The Develop3D D3D 30 List


The program offers a high degree of automation in the design process and reportedly has the potential to improve productivity by up to 80% compared to more traditional topology optimization tools. Formnext FormNext is one of the most popular open-source design tools for D3D 3D.

For example, MSC Apex Generative Design can generate several optimal design candidates, each of which is part of the design. Designers only need to specify the required load and handling capacities, and a design process can be shortened by up to 80%. In design, the ability of the program to create and print multiple "optimal" design candidates in just a few hours means that designers only need to specify a minimum number of components, a maximum amount of materials, and required loads and handling capacities.

Msc Apex Generative Design Makes The Develop3D D3D 30 List

MSC Apex Generative Design

The software combines generative design with multiple workflow enhancements that close the gap between computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering to increase productivity and accelerate product development cycles.

MS says the software offers a new and innovative approach to design optimization by overcoming the limitations of classic topology optimization techniques. Conventional topology optimization tools generate special designs, but these require further processing and therefore engineering time to produce a smooth printable geometry. The result, according to MSC, is a significant reduction in the effort required to achieve design optimizations for additive manufacturing.

Msc Apex Generative Design Makes The Develop3D D3D 30 List

Generative Design Engine Introduction

If you want to achieve the performance, cost, and lead time that additive manufacturing technology enables, you should start with the right design. The results can be exported to a common CAD platform for immediate use or exported directly to MSC's proprietary software for developing new products and services.

The software also uses intelligent smoothing technology to ensure that the 3D models have a smooth, professional surface. MSC Software, specializing in simulation software, enables engineers to design and validate optimal products with established physics. While CAD is intended for the design of products, CAE is intended to test and simulate them, and the simulation software falls under CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) software.

Msc Apex Generative Design Makes The Develop3D D3D 30 List

What is MSC Apex?

MSC Apex Generative Design makes design and manufacturing smarter by combining speed with a high level of automation to significantly reduce the time required for optimization. The goal is to provide a platform that simplifies the workflow and reduces the number of design iterations, which can lead to significant time savings. This new design software integrates all steps into a comprehensive CAE environment that allows users to easily navigate through AM design preparations on a single platform.

The MSC Apex Generative Design technology makes it possible to optimize stress-oriented. This approach enables a bionic design with a high degree of optimization based on optimization to ensure high part reliability. Stress is usually an important factor in the design and production of high-quality parts, and MSC Apex technology optimizes this by enabling optimization in a stress-oriented manner.

The MSC Apex Generative Design enables the first optimization direction, which is easy to adjust to fast and correct results. It is specially designed to generate detailed and highly complex structures that can only be produced by additive processes.

In conventional optimization software, it is impossible to realize the necessary computational effort. Unlike the most common optimization solutions, the MSC Apex Generative Design is integrated with a fully integrated, powerful, and highly scalable 3D modeling system. It can also be used in various ways for optimization, e.g. for complex structures or even in real-time.

The MSC Apex Generative Design combines all core functions in a single environment and automatically transfers the design for optimal CAD / CAM connections. CAD requires a computer-generated structure and know-how to use CAD.
Intelligent algorithms automatically perform intelligent smoothing for efficient transitions between fine and smooth surfaces and for the smoothness of edges and edges.

MSC Apex Capabilities

The result is a fully integrated and automated optimization process in which compatibility with previous and subsequent operations plays a critical role, "writes MSC. The resulting design is manufactured with AM - specific materials and printable geometry.

The user can specify load requirements, forces and anchor positions, so-called constraints, and the model are optimized. Generative design uses computing power to quickly simulate hundreds or thousands of iterations in order to find an optimized geometry. It is an automated iterative design in which several versions of the geometry are produced and tested in order to achieve small improvements so that further improvements can be made.

The generative design allows engineers to fully explore the design space and discover new possibilities. It is not just about innovation, it is about increasing productivity in engineering through automated topology optimization. We develop innovative component designs that make optimal use of materials and lightweight construction products and use AM options to reduce material waste.

The integration of video recording into professional workflows can be a challenge, as existing solutions are not designed for use at the workplace or have too high a performance penalty. This has changed with the introduction of new technologies such as the Radeon Pro ReLive software, which enables GPU - accelerated recording with minimal impact on performance, including high-definition, high-definition video, and high-quality audio.