scSTREAM Webinar

Webinar : Applying HVAC Applications with High-end fluid dynamics simulation - May 12, 2020

Date and Time: 12 May, 2020 at:
09:30 AM Thailand

Duration: 60 Minutes

The Heating, ventilation, and Air-Con (HVAC) technology provides environmental comfort and acceptable indoor air quality, which are widely employed by Architects and Civil engineers. At an equivalent time, the automotive industry also uses HVAC extensively nowadays. HVAC are often one among the most important energy consumers in any facility and should get overlooked by the people, and hence it's heavily driven by federal and state regulations.


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Nowaday, HVAC trends are adapted toward lowering the quantity of energy wont to heat and chill your facility, while also making the method more environmentally friendly. Engineers and scientists are trying to find new and alternative ways to reinforce the HVAC landscape. Many answers are lying in enhanced technologies, renewable energy sources, or maybe an entire reimagining of how an HVAC system should work.

CRADLE CFD Softwares are capable of handling advanced HVAC and Civil Engineering simulations starting from Indoor dynamics to external building loading to even large scale simulations. Architectural and Civil industries have used scSTREAM software for over thirty years, the ever-evolving software is characterized by its overwhelmingly user-friendly interfaces and high-speed processing. Some HVAC Industry simulation trends that will shape the future are:


Sustainable building design

Natural Airflow and ventilation, building materials, green buildings

Smart HVAC Systems

Sensors, thermostats, advanced compressor technologies, etc

Optimised A/C settings, Age of air, human comfort, etc.

Green lighting, solar heating systems

Air conditioning efficiency

Green lighting, solar heating systems

Indoor Dynamics

Spread of pollutants/disease, clean room, laminar flow setups, etc.


Karthik Sundarraj,
Technical Solutions, CFD Solutions,
MSC Software Corporation

Karthik Sundarraj is an expert in Experimemtal and Computational Fluid Dynamics specialised within the areas of High-speed flows and aerodynamics with interest in Electro-thermal and Bio-medical research. Karthik has the right combination of an experienced researcher, a successful academican and an emerging technology strategist. Karthik now works because the Technical Manager, Indo-Pacific at Hexagon | MSC. In his role, Karthik is liable for the Technical and Business Development activities of CFD Solutions and also handles Academic, skill development and transformational business initiatives. Karthik holds a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering from Brunel University and Bachelors in industrial management . He has recently submitted his Doctoral research thesis in high speed flow physics using experimental and computational methods.